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Hotel Etico Bethlehem

The Boutique Hotel in Bethlehem is one of the latest hotels to join the Albergo Etico network. The hotel is located within the impressive Morcus Nassar Palace in the old city, just a five-minute walk from the Church of the Nativity.

The three-story building, about 520 square meters, is characterized by drawings that decorate the ceiling in a unique way, making it one of the most important places of artistic heritage in Bethlehem. In support of the initiative, financial support was of fundamental importance for the complete renovation of the building by FAI – Fondation Assistance Internationale, a humanitarian foundation of public utility, set up in 2002 and whose founding values ​​originate from the stated aims recall the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Morcus Nassar Palace was built between 1899 and 1910 as a residence for the Nassar family. Over the years the building was then sold, passing from owner to owner, until the Arche Bethlehem bought it in 2013 for the Ma’an lil-Hayat project, a project that brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities who share life through different activities. The palace was renovated in 2014 under the supervision of RIWAQ and the CCHP Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation. It was then refurbished again in 2021, under the supervision of CCHP, for use as a Boutique Hotel.

16 guests, 12 bedrooms, 23 beds, 12 baths.


“We need to be clear: The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members. There is no other criterion. ”

Jérome Lejeune, pioneer in Trisomy 21

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