Sustainable mobility, Albergo Etico and Gaiago together

For some time now, the path of growth and expansion of Etico has also passed through the world of innovation. On the occasion of the European Mobility Week 2022 which was held from 16 to 22 September, Albergo Etico therefore took the opportunity to renew and consolidate its relationship with Gaiago, precisely because the annual theme of the European Mobility Week 2022 was “Best connections”. In fact, with this theme we have tried to highlight and promote the synergies between people and places, a commitment that with this collaboration the two realities have been carrying out for some time in Rome and soon in other structures.

Raising awareness of sustainable mobility is important as an experience but also to promote behavioral change in favor of active mobility, reach out and create connections between existing groups and new audiences, connecting people, places, transport, policies but also the development of territories and a more ethical and sustainable tourism. With these assumptions, Albergo Etico is happy to renew its commitment to carry out community mobility sharing. It is a sort of evolution of traditional sharing, as it offers a shared electric mobility service to small communities, such as businesses, accommodation and residential facilities.

This project is fully part of Etico’s broader project of social innovation and inclusive sustainability, in favor of a positive impact on the territory and an impact on the reference community. As the journalist Stefano Panzeri quoted in an article in La Stampa Tuttogreen some time ago, it is a matter of «a responsible tourism approach which now looks towards sustainability with the adoption of an electric car (the estimate is 300 hours per month mobility), and the relative wallbox for recharging. A car to be made available to customers who wish to visit the Eternal City in silence and with zero emissions. The intent is to make the service available also to the realities of the neighborhood with which they already share collaborations, such as the newsstand, the florist or the food suppliers, to create a green ecosystem of neighborhood mobility”.

These are the words of Alex Toselli, president of the Albergo Etico cooperative, regarding the future of the project: «Albergo Etico re-launches its challenge, although aware of the difficulties of this phase. We want to continue playing our part as protagonists of social inclusion. We will try to achieve our goals, convinced that today it is essential to turn to social enterprise as a vector of economic development. I believe that the way of understanding the mobility of Gaiago is fundamental to impact also from a social and environmental point of view and must be a priority. Starting from Rome, we are working on this adventure so that it can soon be extended to all the other ethical hotels».

These are the words of Antonio Pelosi, manager of the ethical hotel in Rome: «Being able to move and do it comfortably? Yes, of course. But let’s do it sustainably! With an electric and shared car. But that you don’t have to search with difficulty (mobile phone in one hand, purse in the other) on the streets of the city: you book it at a certain time and for the time you need. And you’re sure when and where to find it. And when you’re done, you put it back where it belongs. Very convenient for those who live or work near the Albergo Etico, who after having created a bar and a restaurant, and having set up open spaces for coworking, thus want to further strengthen their relationship with the neighborhood community».

“We need to be clear: The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members. There is no other criterion. ”

Jérome Lejeune, pioneer in Trisomy 21

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