I nostri sostenitori

Vodafone Foundation

Our historic partner, the Vodafone Foundation supported the opening of the first Albergo Etico in Asti and its Academy of Independence in 2015, making our idea reality.

Subsequently in 2018, as part of the inclusive sports segment, it funded our Sportability project dedicated to facilitating sport and the correct lifestyle of people with disabilities.

Unicredit Foundation

Thanks to the Unicredit Foundation grant, we have opened and built a new multimedia room at the Albergo Etico in Rome. We have also made the headquarters of the Academy of Independence in Rome operational, carrying out new projects in collaboration with professional hotel institutes. Together we have built a path of autonomy and independence for eight people with intellectual disabilities, also favoring professional training in other hotels, in addition to the natural placement at Etico’s.

Time2 Foundation

It supports the personal growth path and the internships of 10 people with disabilities destined for the new Ethics project in Ivrea. We are committed to synergistic action with the territory, and in collaboration with local associations, to carry out an authentic urban and social regeneration operation. We intend to land in the post-industrial heart of Olivetti to combine our brand of true social inclusion with the Unesco heritage.

Haiku Lugano Foundation

It supports and stimulates the growth of the project on the Academy of Independence in Rome, helping us to implement the training and autonomous life actions of our fragile subjects. In a wider space of collaboration it also offers exchange and travel opportunities for our beneficiaries who are preparing for the new openings in Southern Italy (Matera, Bari).

CDP Foundation

CDP Foundation has chosen to finance the activities of the Academy of Independence for 12 months. With this fundamental contribution we will train and insert almost 20 people with disabilities into the world of work, we will activate five different training modules, theoretical and practical, of a professional hotel nature and we will equip the Academy of Independence with new digital equipment in order to guide the correct use of new IT tools.

Costa Crociere Foundation

Costa Crociere Foundation accompanied the first phase of the Albergo Etico’s project in Monterosso sul Mare, in the wonderful context of the Cinque Terre, helping to identify the location, the selection of our “special” team and supporting the families and the first training activities.

The pandemic event has temporarily suspended our initiatives, but we have not given up and we are ready to restart, in 2022, promising to complete the project in the course of 2023.

Cassa di Risparmio Pistoia e Pescia Foundation

Enthusiastic supporter of the project since the begin, the Foundation is guiding us on the path of opening in Pistoia. It made herself available for the renovation and adaptation works on the identified location, hoping to be able to see our first Tuscan reality born in the course of 2023.

CRT Foundation

As part of the “Vivo Meglio call in 2021, the CRT Foundation has financed specific items of the job placement path of our fragile subjects, guaranteeing the coverage of expenses for support and mentoring staff. Thanks to this important intervention, 4 new internships were carried out at the Ethical Hotel in Asti and the Tacabanda restaurant.


Rosa Associati

Rotary Club Bormio

Rotary Club Lecco

Rotary Club Lecco Manzoni

Rotary Club Sondrio

“We need to be clear: The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members. There is no other criterion. ”

Jérome Lejeune, pioneer in Trisomy 21

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