Pope Francis’ lunch in Asti served by the staff of Albergo Etico

On the occasion of Pope Francis’ private visit to Portacomaro, his family’s town of origin in the province of Asti, yesterday the boys and girls of Albergo Etico were also present in the Bishopric in Asti, who took care of serving lunch and proposed a special dessert, created for the occasion.

The guys involved in the lunch were Niccolò Vallese, Jessica Berta and Irene Bombara (Albergo Etico Asti); Roxana Matei for (Albergo Etico Fenis); Giacomo Cannucciari (Ethical Hotel Rome); Marilù Patrizi and Daniele Berbenni (Albergo Etico Sondrio).

The recipe for the dessert, called “Papalina di caffè”, was elaborated exclusively for the occasion and conceived by master pastry chef Jorge Bianchini together with chef Antonio De Benedetto. It is a dessert made up of a tonda gentile hazelnut biscuit base (in remembrance of the land of Asti), a central filling of Argentinian dulce de leche (in remembrance of the lands of the Holy Father) and a meringue in the shape of a skullcap.

The “Papalina di caffè” was produced in the new pastry laboratories of Albergo Etico in Sondrio, in Valtellina. The line of skullcaps includes not only the coffee one, but also the breakfast one (larger) and the panettone with skullcap.

“It was an incredible experience and an honor for our boys and girls to meet and see the Pope up close”, said Alex Toselli, president of Albergo Etico, who continued: “I thank all those who participated with professionalism in this day and all those who allowed this great opportunity to materialize. It was an emotion that will remain indelible forever, as well as an opportunity for growth”.

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